Photo credit: Jay Mallin

An objective of the Genesis Prize is to inspire a proud next generation of Jews. We want our laureates to help us achieve this objective by sharing their stories of accomplishment, as well as their narrative of Jewish identity, so that it is accessible to young adults. We also aim to engage in a broad conversation with young adults – the generation of community organizers, of "bottom up" leaders, of digital media experts – about who inspires them. We have started the discussion with Jewish millenials around the globe, talking to them about identity and surfacing inspiring stories.

Eric Fingerhut, President and CEO, Hillel International

“Michael Douglas is an inspired choice to be the second Genesis Prize Laureate. Hillel has long believed in being open and welcoming to young Jewish adults, many of whom today are raised in multi-faith households, who are seeking to find their own Jewish identity. We sincerely believe that Michael Douglas will open our hearts and minds to this core value of Jewish inclusivity and renewal.”

Gidi Mark, CEO, Taglit-Birthright Israel

“Taglit-Birthright Israel congratulates the Genesis Prize Foundation for selecting Michael Douglas as this year's prize laureate. Mr. Douglas, a leading filmmaker and actor, who has recently celebrated his son’s Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem, is an inspiration to all who wish to form and nurture their connections with their Jewish roots and Israel. Having been selected as the second influential Jewish leader to receive this prominent award echoes the importance of these connections throughout the Jewish people. We hope this award inspires our alumni around the globe and encourages them to sustain their connections to their Jewish roots and the State of Israel.”