Morris Kahn,Natan Sharansky and Dr. Salman Zarka

Philanthropist Morris Kahn, Chairman of the Genesis Prize Selection Committee Natan Sharansky and Ziv Medical Center Director-General, Dr. Salman Zarka

Genesis Prize Foundation and Philanthropist Morris Kahn Announce Grant to Ziv Medical Center Treating Syrian Children

As a result of a generous donation from Israeli entrepreneur and philanthropist Morris Kahn, the Genesis Prize Foundation announced a grant to Ziv Medical Center in Safed Israel, to treat Syrian children who have suffered hearing loss as a result of the ongoing civil war. The current ceasefire in Southern Syria has provided an opportunity for the hospital to provide this critical care.

Mr. Kahn was so moved by the Genesis Prize Foundation and 2017 Laureate Anish Kapoor’s commitment to help alleviate the refugee crisis and try to expand the Jewish community’s engagement in a global effort to support refugees, that he immediately pledged additional funds to support this issue.

According to research, one out of every three Syrian children from the combat area, examined by doctors, suffers from hearing loss. Hearing loss badly affects a child’s development in general and reduces chances for a healthy adulthood. Timely and appropriate medical treatment is key. To assist these children, Ziv Medical Center developed specific treatment plans, which will be extended to at least 50 patients. The treatment plan includes a full diagnostic examination, specialized hearing tests, clinical treatments, surgery, and rehabilitation provided to each patient according to their needs. In addition, all patients will receive individually adapted, state-of-the-art hearing devices. This plan was developed by the Director-General of Ziv Medical Center, Dr. Salman Zarka, an Israeli Druze, who will have the responsibility for implementation of the project.