Bloomberg Wins 'Jewish Nobel'


In his final term, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's win is 'a great honour for the entire Jewish people'

The current mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, is now also the first ever recipient of Israel's Genesis Prize, established "to recognize exceptional human beings who, through their outstanding achievement, come to represent a fundamental value of the Jewish people – a commitment to the betterment of mankind."

Also informally known as the "Jewish Nobel," the Genesis Prize awards Bloomberg $1 million for his esteemed philanthropic and public service work.

The Associated Press reports that the prize money will be donated to a philanthropic organization of Bloomberg's choice, which will be revealed early next year when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presents Bloomberg with the prestigious award.

In a formal statement Bloomberg attributed the win to the "Jewish values and ethics that I have carried with me throughout my life, and which have guided every aspect of my work in business, government, and philanthropy."

"The Genesis Prize embraces and promotes those same values and ethics – a common thread among the Jewish people worldwide that has helped move humankind forward for centuries," he added.

The Genesis prize was founded in conjunction with the office of Prime Minister Netanyahu, the semi-governmental Jewish Agency and the Genesis Philanthropy Group.

According to Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize laureate and member of the Genesis selection committee, Bloomberg's win "is a great honor for the entire Jewish people.

Wiesel adds, "We are certain that his selection as the recipient of the Genesis Prize will serve as an inspiration to young Jews and others across the globe."

Bloomberg, whose final term as New York mayor is coming to a close, comes out ahead of 200 other Genesis Prize nominees.