The Genesis Prize Foundation Grants $1 Million to Support Israel's Second Space Mission


May 9, 2019, Tel Aviv/New York – Today, The Genesis Prize Foundation announced a $1 million grant to support “Beresheet 2,” Israel’s second spacecraft to attempt a moon landing.

For months, Israel and the Jewish community around the world were mesmerized by Israel’s audacious effort to land the “Beresheet” spacecraft on the moon.  We held our collective breath in the final moments of the lander’s descent to the lunar surface and shared in the disappointment when the landing did not go as planned.

Just two days later, Morris Kahn, Chairman of SpaceIL and the principal funder of the space mission, boldly announced Beresheet 2, declaring Israel’s intent to complete the mission and put a new spacecraft on the moon.

On this Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel Independence Day – in honor of our friend and partner Morris Kahn, and in celebration of the 71st anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, The Genesis Prize Foundation (GPF) announced its $1 million grant to support Beresheet 2.

Co-Founder and Chairman of GPF Stan Polovets said, “This grant deviates from our traditional philanthropy, which focuses on one initiative each year in partnership with our laureates. But in its essence, support of Beresheet 2 is exactly why we established our foundation: to inspire the Jewish people, to strengthen the bond between Israel and the Diaspora, and to instill a sense of pride in Israel’s achievements.”

Polovets continued, “We are pleased to be the first foundation to announce support of Beresheet 2 and invite other philanthropists to join us in supporting this important project.”


About the Genesis Prize

The Genesis Prize is a global award created to celebrate Jewish achievement and contribution to humanity. Launched in 2013, the Prize is financed through a permanent endowment of $100 million established by The Genesis Prize Foundation. All previous laureates have selected causes about which they are passionate and donated prize funds to philanthropic initiatives supporting these causes. These initiatives have included support of social entrepreneurship based on Jewish values, inclusiveness of intermarried families in Jewish life, improving the lives of individuals with special needs, helping to alleviate the global refugee crisis, advancing women’s equality, and combating antisemitism and efforts to delegitimize Israel. In addition to directing funds to these causes, the Laureates have engaged in yearlong initiatives developed jointly with The Genesis Prize Foundation.


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