Sana Britavsky
Senior Advisor to the CEO

Sana was born in Odessa to a family of refusniks. In her school years she was involved in the Jewish youth movement in the Former Soviet Union, and in 1990 she immigrated to Israel with her family. Before being called upon in 2007 to help establish Genesis Philanthropy Group activities in Israel, Sana has worked as an independent Jewish educator, integrating various forms of informal education with special attention to the State and the Land of Israel. In her capacity as the Executive Director of Genesis Philanthropy Group in Israel, Sana had overseen the realization of GPG vision in more than 100 projects and strategic partnerships. She has introduced groundbreaking innovations in the framework of Taglit-Birthright, helped Yad Vashem to become a hub of academic research and education in the field of Holocaust in the USSR and created Jewish identity and leadership programs for young Israeli officers in cooperation with the Education Corps of the IDF. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in General History, Archeology and Art History, and a Master degree in General History from the Haifa University. She lives in Haifa with her family.