In honor of 2017 Genesis Prize Laureate Anish Kapoor, The Genesis Prize Foundation gave grants to six organizations helping alleviate the refugee crisis around the world. The international Rescue Committee was a grant recipient. This image is an aerial view of Moria Refugee Camp in Lesvos Greece, which is supported by the International Rescue Committee

2017 Philanthropic Theme
Laureate: Anish Kapoor

Moved by a lifetime of advocacy for displaced people, Anish Kapoor asked The Genesis Prize Foundation to direct his $1 million award, plus additional funds contributed by philanthropist Morris Kahn, to organizations alleviating the Syrian refugee crisis and promoting deeper Jewish communal engagement in supporting refugees.

The grant recipients included:

When Mr. Kapoor announced the initiative, he said:

“Like many Jews, I do not have to go far back in my family history to find people who were refugees. Directing Genesis Prize funds to this cause is a way of helping people who, like my forebears not too long before them, are fleeing persecution.

“In recent months, awareness of the plight faced by tens of millions of refugees and displaced persons worldwide has fallen significantly while the refugee crisis continues unabated. I believe in a world of compassion, and am fortunate to be able to work with The Genesis Prize Foundation and the terrific NGOs receiving our grants to bring more compassion into the world.” 

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