On February 5, 2017, the Genesis Prize Foundation announced that distinguished sculptor Anish Kapoor has been named the 2017 Genesis Prize Laureate, making him the fourth person to receive the honor. Mr. Kapoor plans to direct his $1 million award towards helping alleviate the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis and focus on expanding the Jewish community’s engagement in a global effort to support refugees.

Anish Kapoor, 2017 Genesis Prize Laureate

“I am an artist, not a politician, and I feel I must speak out against indifference for the suffering of others. There are over 60 million refugees in the world today – whatever the geography of displacement the refugee crisis is right here on our doorstep.” – Anish Kapoor

Stan Polovets, Founder and Chairman, The Genesis Prize Foundation

“It gives us enormous pleasure to bestow this prestigious award upon Anish Kapoor. The profound impact of Anish’s work continues a long history of Jewish contribution to the arts, while his social activism reaffirms the commitment of the Jewish people to humanitarian causes. We particularly admire how, in an age frequently characterized by cynicism and indifference, Anish continually advocates for the world’s disadvantaged – challenging all of us to do more to help wherever and whenever we can.”