Judge Michal Rubinstein Shamgar
Deputy Chair, Board of Directors
Chair, Circle of Friends, The Israel Conservatory of Music

Michal Rubinstein Shamgar was born in Israel during World War II and built her life, family and career in Israel.

After serving two years as a lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force, Michal studied law at Hebrew University. Simultaneous to her studies, she became Assistant Manager in the Hasbara Department (Public Diplomacy) at the Office of the Prime Minister. After graduation, Michal was appointed Senior Assistant to the Attorney General of Israel.

In 1971, Michal began working as a shlicha (emissary) for the Jewish Agency, assigned to New York. While living in New York, Michal earned her MBA at the New York Institute of Technology.

After returning to Israel in 1974, Michal practiced law. She was appointed Judge for the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court in 1987 and then appointed Judge for the Tel Aviv District Court in 1994. In 2006, Michal became Vice President of the Court of Appeals for the Tel Aviv District Court, and retained this position until her retirement in 2013. Michal continues contributing to the field as a mediator.

In 2015, Michal joined The Israel Conservatory of Music as Chair of the Circle of Friends and in 2019, she became Deputy Board Chair The Genesis Prize Foundation.

Michal was married to former President of the Israeli Supreme Court, Judge Meir Shamgar z”l, and is the mother of three children, and grandmother of five.